Designing with Yaskawa Solectria Solar 1500V Inverters, Presented by Yaskawa Solectria Solar/Emily Hwang

Exhibitor | Speaking | Sponsor | Trainings ~ Mar 17 2020 to

St. Charles Convention Center, St Louis, MO

Mar 17 2020 to

PVA, PVIP, PVTS, PVCMS, PVDS, PVIS, PVSI From 600V to 1000V to 1500V, solar PV has evolved to provide lower cost solutions to the industry. Yaskawa Solectria Solar continues to develop inverters and solutions that are easy to install and reliable. This session will introduce you to the XGI 1500 inverter and the different considerations that should be taken when designing and installing 1500Vdc three-phase string inverter systems.