“City of Solar” Lawrence powered up by Soltas Energy 560kw solar system on historic Everett Mills

New York, New York – July 10, 2012 – Soltas Energy today announced the commercial operation of its 560 KW solar power plant in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Soltas Energy will sell the reliable, clean solar electricity to the building’s tenants for 40 years. It is currently the largest solar rooftop power plant in Lawrence.

Lawrence, Massachusetts, an industrial city founded on the strength of hydropower, now continues its renewal as a hotbed of the rapidly expanding solar industry.

Congresswoman Tsongas stated: “The solar project at 15 Union Street is a great example of dedicated partners working together to provide clean, accessible and affordable power from a green energy source right in the heart of a Gateway City, and bringing new life to an historic mill.  I applaud Soltas Energy and Marianne Paley for investing in Lawrence and working hand-in-hand along with Solectria Renewables, National Grid, and all levels of government to make this a reality. Lawrence, and the Everett Mill, played major roles in the Industrial Revolution by harnessing the power of the Merrimack River. Now they are part of a clean energy revolution that will bring jobs and industry back to the City.”

Marianne Paley, Manager of Everett Mills Real Estate, said “It is a thrilling site to view the 75,000 sf roof of the Everett Mills and see 2,000 solar panels. Partnering with Soltas has allowed us to go green, reduce electricity costs, and create regional construction and electrical jobs.” The Everett Mills is an impressive 525,000 square foot complex with excellent, flexible commercial space suitable for office, manufacturing and distribution businesses. Ample parking, transit network, affordable rates and now substantially powered by clean, green energy, makes Everett Mills a valuable commercial resource for expanding businesses in the Merrimack Valley.

Solectria Renewables, the national leading inverter company employing over 130 people, calls Lawrence home, as do several companies in their supply chain. Soltas Energy has chosen the historic Everett Mills to host the 560 KW installation and to house its regional headquarters. The installation uses approximately 2,000 high power solar panels and provides a significant portion of the electricity needs for the 35 diverse businesses at the Everett Mill.

Peter Macdougall, project manager at Soltas Energy, said “We are proud to be a part of the rapidly growing solar industry in Lawrence, and this solar power plant in Lawrence is the first of our three power plants in Lawrence to become operational. We are looking forward to reducing Everett Mills’ energy costs and are happy to bring more green energy to the greater Lawrence area and to other cities and towns throughout New England.”

Andrew Barron Worden, CEO of Soltas Energy said “We are glad to help the local economy by contracting Lawrence area laborers. We are also excited to continue to work with National Grid on our current and future solar power plant projects. They are an integral part of our successful project completion and we appreciate their hard work. We are grateful to Congresswoman Tsongas and June Black, the Regional and Constituent Services Director at Office of Congresswoman Tsongas, as well as City of Lawrence, for their help in the successful completion of the project.”