Lendlease Celebrates Project Milestone at Melink Rock Barn

Original Press Release Distributed by Lendlease

(New York, NY, January 11, 2017) - Lendlease, one of the world’s largest development, property, infrastructure and construction management firms, is pleased to celebrate the end of construction and participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony for Rock Barn solar energy project in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Executives from Lendlease, Melink, key project stakeholders and the local community gathered at the project site to mark the completion of construction and celebrate the ribbon cutting of the site.

“This project marks the start of our relationship with Melink and we are honored to provide Construction Management and Engineering Support services for this project which will enhance the growth of renewable energy in North Carolina,” said Bill Poulin, Vice President, Energy ECP, Lendlease. “This project was challenging due to schedule and weather conditions and demonstrates the tenacity of both Lendlease and our partner Melink in getting this one done.”

The Rock Barn solar project is a 5.25 MW (DC) solar PV array consisting of 16,948 solar modules. PV modules are connected and bonded to Mounting Systems racking at a fixed, 25 degree tilt. The 310Wp Jinko modules are wired in series strings of 19 connected to 161 Yaskawa Solectria PVI transformerless string inverters rated at 28kW each. Typically, 14 inverters combine at a load center, which combines with three other load centers at a distribution panel. Three distribution panels are each connected to a separate loop-fed 13.2kV transformer which are interconnected to Duke Energy.

“As a leading Midwest-based solar developer, it was a pleasure to partner with Lendlease to execute this project. Solar power is the way of the future and only with strong partnerships throughout the industry can we continue to lead the way,” said Donna Jones, Senior Vice President of Project Development, Melink.