DC Coupled Energy Storage System

500 kW DC-Coupled Energy Storage System. SMART and SGIP ready.

Yaskawa Solectria Solar's PVS-500 provides the most robust and reliable Utility-Scale DC-Coupled Energy Storage System in the industry. The PVS 500 DC-Coupled Energy Storage System comes with 3 Solectria XGI 166 Inverters, a Plant Master Controller and a bi-directional DC/DC 500kW converter. Having the energy storage and the PV array on the same inverter allows this DC-coupled system to put excessive PV production in store and discharge it again to the grid at times when the interconnection is underutilized.

Operational Capabilities: Through the platform’s cloud-based access, the end-user can easily configure alerts and notifications presets to ensure faults in the system can be quickly identified and addressed. The dashboards also provide powerful data and event logs visualization, archival, reporting, and exporting tools.

Grid Integration: The platform is compatible with most utility-standard communication protocols (e.g. DNP3, Multi-speak, IEEE-2030.5, IEC-61850, OpenADR), enabling streamlined and secured integration with utilities, aggregators, and markets.

Equipment Integration:  Our on-site edge devices are compatible with most local communication protocols (e.g. Modbus TCP/RTU, CAN bus, BACnet, analog/digital signals) to facilitate easy interconnection with on-site DERs, meters, and sensors.

Autonomous Operation Capabilities: If external communication is lost, the PMC devices can continue to operate the system autonomously using only the local network. In addition, all metrics continue to be acquired and stored locally until the connection is restored, to ensure persistent data integrity.

*Contact sales@solectria.com for assistance with compatible Li-ion storage systems


  • Power limit clipping recapture
  • Demand Charge Management
  • Low -Voltage harvesting in the morning and at sundown
  • Maintenance of interconnection limit
  • Energy time-shifting
  • Capacity firming
  • On-demand power to the grid


  • Available with configurations of 125kW, 150kW and 166kW inverters
  • Pre-mounted on a robust structural steel rack

Options For Utilities

  • Real power curtailment
  • Reactive power control
  • Voltage ride through
  • Frequency ride through

Product Datasheet & Specifications