SOLECTRIA XGI 1500-250 Series Inverters

 The XGI 1500-250 and XGI 1500-200 feature SiC technology, high power and high efficiency that places them at the top end of the utility-scale string inverters in the market.

 Yaskawa Solectria Solar designs all XGI 1500 utility-scale string inverters for high reliability and builds them with the highest quality components -- selected, tested and proven to last beyond their warranty. The XGI 1500 inverters provide advanced grid-support functionality and meet the latest IEEE 1547 and UL 1741 standards for safety. 

The XGI 1500 inverters provide ideal solutions for ground-mounted utility-scale PV systems, with models available for service connections at 600 Vac and 480 Vac.. Designed and engineered in Lawrence, MA, the SOLECTRIA XGI inverters are assembled and tested at Yaskawa America’s facilities in Buffalo Grove, IL. The XGI 1500 inverters are Made in the USA with global components, and are compliant with the Buy American Act.

XGI 1500-250 Features


  • XGI 1500-250/250-600
  • XGI 1500-225/250-600
  • XGI 1500-200/200-480
  • XGI 1500-175/200-480
  • Industry-leading maximum DC/AC Ratio of 2.0
  • Accepts two input PV Output Circuits, with no overcurrent protection required
  • Made in the USA with global components
  • Buy American Act (BAA) compliant
  •  99.0% peak efficiency
  • Flexible solution for distributed and centralized system architecture
  • Advanced grid-support functionality Rule 21/UL1741SA
  • Robust, dependable and built to last
  • Lowest O&M and installation costs
  • Access all inverters on site via WiFi from one location
  • Remote diagnostics and firmware upgrades
  • SunSpec Modbus Certified
  • Tested compatible with the TESLA PowerPack Microgrid System 


  • PV Source Circuit Combiners 
  • Web-based monitoring 
  • Extended warranty 

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