SOLECTRIA XGI 1500 Power Rack

1 MWac XGI 1500 Rack Solution Factory Integrated and Tested

The Solectria 6-Pack is the most robust, scalable building-block for state-of-the-art multi-MW solar plants. Based around the new Solectria XGI 1500 utility-scale PV string inverter, the 6-Pack is designed for high reliability, rapid deployment, and built to the highest standards of quality. The modular design provides six independent MPPT zones per megawatt and improves system uptime with a simplified maintenance plan. The XGI 1500 inverters provide advanced grid-support functionality and boast a true peak efficiency of  above 99%. Designed and engineered in Lawrence, MA, the new Solectria 6-Pack features the XGI 1500 utility scale PV string inverters that are Made in the USA with global components and compliant with the Buy American Act.


  • Six XGI 1500 utility-scale string inverters, 1MWac in total, premounted on a robust, structural-steel rack
  • Fused AC combiner for the output from the six XGI 1500 inverters with a 1200A load-break AC disconnect switch
  • Pre-assembled, pre-wired AC and communications cabling
  • Design for rapid deployment
  • Scalable alternative to central inverters with convenient access for maintenance and service
  • Advanced grid-support functionality Rule21/UL1741 SA
  • Lowest O&M and installation cost
  • Access all inverters via WiFi from one location
  • Remote diagnostics and firmware upgrades
  • The XGI 1500 utility string inverters are Made in the USA with global components and Buy Amercian Act (BAA) compliant


  • Available with configurations of 125kW, 150kW and 166kW inverters
  • Extended warranty
  • PV Source Circuit Combiners: 16, 20, 24, 26, 28 position
  • Web-based monitoring

Safety Listings & Certifications

  • All components are UL or ETL listed and in full compliance with the NEC
  • Certification Agency: ETL
  • UL 1741SA-2016

Product Datasheet & Specifications