Webinar: Meeting New Arc Fault Detection and Rapid Shutdown Requirements

Webinars ~ Sep 25 2014 to

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Sep 25 2014 to

During this webinar we’ll explore the primary considerations of achieving compliance with NEC 2014 for arc fault detection and rapid shutdown requirements. Even though Massachusetts is currently the only state that follows NEC 2014, many states are slated to adopt this code cycle by the end of 2014, such as Georgia, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico. Information in this webinar is also valuable for those having to comply with NEC 2011 arc fault detection requirements.

Topics discussed will include:

- Achieving AFDI and rapid shut down compliance for central inverters using string combiners
- Achieving AFDI and rapid shut down compliance for three-phase string inverters
- Arc fault detection technology basics
- Introduction to Solectria's new arc fault compliant string combiner (ARCCOM)

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