Training: Complete Inverter Training & Factory Tour - Lawrence, MA

Trainings ~ Feb 2 2016 to

Sal's Function Facility (behind Solectria HQ)
354 Merrimack Street, Lawrence, MA 01843

Feb 2 2016 to

This customized training includes detailed explanations and installation details for our inverters 3.8-2MW. We will also demonstrate string sizing and provide a tour of our facility so attendees may ask our engineers questions.


COST $35
–Residential, Commercial and Utility-Scale design considerations inverter training
–Breakfast & lunch included
–Factory tour and question/answer session with the Solectria team

Schedule is subject to change leading up to the training and opening of registration.

8-8:30am: Registration & Breakfast
8:30-8:45am: Company Overview
8:45-10am: Commercial Design Considerations
10-10:15am: SolrenView Web-Based Monitoring
10:15-10:30am: Residential Solutions
10:30-11:15pm: Utility-Scale & Medium Voltage PV Systems
11:15-12:30pm: NEC 2014, Arc Fault & Rapid Shutdown Compliance
12:30-1pm: Lunch
1-2pm: Factory Tours


Commercial Design Considerations:

Solectria Products: PVI 14-36TL, PVI 50-100KW, SGI 225-500PE; Decentralized MW Solution

DC Design Considerations

String Sizing

Array Oversizing

Voltage Drop

Overcurrent Protection


AC Design Considerations

Commercial Service Types


Advanced Inverter Features

String Combiners/Fuse Sizing

Industry Design Trends

Ungrounded Systems

3Ph String vs. Central Inverters

Decentralized MW Solution

Utility-Scale & Medium Voltage PV Systems:

Solectria Products: SGI 500XT, SGI 500-750XTM, MSS XT/XTM

Medium Voltage Systems

Smart Inverters


Web-Based Monitoring:

Solectria Product: SolrenView

Review of our web-based monitoring product

Residential Solutions:

Solectria Products: PVI 3800-7600TL, Residential Rapid Shutdown Combiner Box

Review of residential products

NEC 2014 - Arc Fault & Rapid Shutdown Compliance:

Solectria Products: ARCCOM, Residential Rapid Shutdown Combiner Box

DC Design Considerations

Primary considerations of achieving compliance with NEC 2014 for Arc Fault detection and Rapid Shutdown requirements

Achieving AFDI and Rapid Shutdown compliance for Central inverters using string combiners

Achieving AFDI and Rapid Shutdown compliance for 3-Phase sting inverters